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BPB - Board Proposal Builder

A proposal builder mainly for Gypsum boards catering to drywall industry. Starting from project requirement, systems, results, proposals, products, documents, images and with other details, it makes the proposal generation easier and efficient.

Project module captures project details and related system details which comes under Project requirement or specifications. Search module enables the users to reach the closest matching option on the fly from thousands of available combinations. Wide range of features like standard, Category, Profile, Board Type, Cladding, Fire rating, Sound rating, Height, Width, Weight, Stud Size, Stud Spacing, Deflection, Load, Insulation etc available to adjust and to reach the matching product, the result. System can have multiple results gives extended degree of flexibility till proposal building. Result module is extremely flexible for user editing and most of the details are extensively automated with least/no manual intervention.

Proposal builder module creates proposals on the fly just by selecting required results. It has version control, preview, copy, category-author name automation, appending literatures and more.

Image Template module helps to fix up standard images for various common results or systems. User has the flexibility to change the images during result stage. Pdf Directory and Image directory modules help users to maintain their PDF and Image library which can be referred wherever required throughout the application. Product module allows to create/modify various combinations boards, builds, constructs and related performance details.