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MBS – Meeting Booking System

Availability – Users can check the room availability either by room or by schedule enables the users at their easiest. Not just the room, additional infrastructure availability will help the user to choose the right room according to their requirement like size, audio, video, telephone and connectivity details.

Scheduling – Users having booking rights can schedule meetings. Multiple rooms from various locations can be handled by users even from remote. Even attendees can be our business counterparts other than employees just by including their email addresses in booking. Conflicts at user and schedules are handled with errors and warning. Booking can include pantry request and location attachments. On booking users will receive their meeting request already in their calendar irrespective of devices with least user intervention. Regular meetings at fixed schedules can be booked in advance with end date. Tracking and Revisions Meetings can be revised with new schedules or cancelled.

User can track the meetings which is related to each other. Attendees are allowed to upload documents related to the meeting. Hassle free file handling for users. Minutes of Meeting Beyond just booking, on meeting completion users can capture the MOM with related documents and remarks. No need to run through mails for the minutes.

Masters and Setup Rooms, Offices, Users are handled through various masters. SMTP email address which has been used to send booking mails are configured in setup. Room Display – Not just users, even rooms are equipped to have their own display to detail the list of meetings planned in that room. Just using Wi-Fi and latest web based display products it is inexpensive to have your display ready without big investment on video mixtures and MCUs.